After reading this, you will only want to listen to reggaeton

You can get something good out of everything, even reggaeton. Although many do not want to admit that they like this urban genre, they surely know the words to the songs and give it their all when they play them in the discos.

Well, you should know, whether you are a hidden fan or shouting to the four winds how much you like Daddy Yankee, that this fashionable musical genre has benefits for you. After reading this, you will only want to listen to reggaeton.

Reggaeton, an excuse to exercise

Reggaeton is the best excuse to start exercising. Its repetitive and moving rhythms invite you to get up from your seat and dance like crazy. A good reggaeton dance session will help you burn calories and exercise a large part of your body’s muscles. These are the benefits of reggaeton for your body.

  1. Tone the body

Dancing reggaeton is a very complete exercise because it allows you to tone each part of the body. This dance includes movements of the arms, the torso, the hips and, above all, the legs. It is a very complete exercise that will put your whole body to work without even realizing that you are doing sports.

  1. Reggaeton burns calories

To give you an idea: in a session in which reggaeton is danced for 1 hour, you can burn between 200 and 400 calories, depending on the intensity you give to your dance. If, in addition, you include reggaeton in your Zumba class, the energy burn could increase up to 800. Therefore, reggaeton helps you keep your weight under control.

  1. Learn sensual movements

Reggaeton will allow you to learn very sensual movements that you can put into practice in other moments of your day to day (you decide when). When you get practice with these movements you will feel much sexier.

  1. More active life

Reggaeton is synonymous with having fun and happiness. Dancing a little bit every day will make your life more active. A sedentary lifestyle is a very dangerous habit for health and, unfortunately, it is becoming more and more common in our lifestyle.

  1. Reduce cardiovascular problems

Playing sports in a moderate way can help you regulate your blood pressure and improve your circulation. This will allow you to reduce the possibility of suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

Other benefits of reggaeton

But beyond how well reggaeton will do to your ‘body’, it can help you in all these aspects.

Helps you relieve stress

An exercise like dancing reggaeton will allow you to keep stress, anxiety and depression at bay. It will help you feel better about yourself and be happier.

Allows you to learn languages

‘Spanglish’ is the order of the day in reggaeton. Rare is the song in which terms in Spanish, English and sometimes French or Portuguese are not included. Reggaeton opens a new world to a wide street vocabulary that you will not learn in grammar books.

You realize the diverse expressions that Spanish has in the world

Daddy Yankee is from Puerto Rico; Maluma, from Colombia; Dasoul, from Spain… They all contribute their grain of sand and use their own language in the lyrics of the songs. And thanks to reggaeton songs you realize how rich Spanish is and the different expressions that are used all over the world.

Send feminist messages

Reggaeton is normally associated with machismo, and rightly so, because most of the songs that become well-known include phrases that demean women. However, there are more and more singers looking to send empowering messages. It is the type of music that the youngest listen to, so it is a good way to reach them and talk about the equality of women and men.

Improve your sense of rhythm

Reggaeton has a very marked rhythm that is very easy to follow when you get a little practice. Therefore, this musical genre will help you improve your sense of rhythm.

It can be practiced anywhere and everywhere

Unlike other types of exercise routines, you can dance reggaeton anywhere. In fact, the best place to do it is at home, when no one is watching. So you can unleash the craziest choreographies without fear of others seeing you.

The bad face of reggaeton

  • But yes, reggaeton also has its bad things. Knowing one and the other will allow you to make a balance to know everything that reggaeton brings you.
  • As we have already told you, feminist reggaeton exists but it is still too scarce. Their songs are macho and many times we find ourselves humming them without being too aware of what they say. The problem is that reggaeton stopped being just music a long time ago to become a lifestyle that does not promote values ​​of equality.

Some experts explain that reggaeton is detrimental to children’s cognitive development.

  • It seems that everyone can be a reggaeton singer, even those with zero vocal quality. And that’s why auto-tune, a program that helps you correct the pitch of a melody, is the order of the day. However, this doesn’t do the genre any favors…
  • Precisely because it is so fashionable and everyone wants to get on the reggaeton bandwagon, the most critical denounce the lack of quality in their songs.

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