Malú’s most special interview

After receiving the Double Platinum Disc, Malú is now starting the Spanish tour of his latest work ” Sí “, an album full of optimism.

Reluctant to talk about her personal life, she does not want to confirm or deny the rumors that relate her to the musician Denis Dominguera, whom she met as a sound technician for “La Voz”, however she does tell us that she is very grateful for the good moment that Is living. It has not been an easy year for the singer, who suffered the loss of her uncle Paco de Lucía a few months ago, however the singer has taken refuge at work and protected by the love of her family, she draws strength to always give a message positive to his fans.

  • With what vibrations do you return from Latin America?
  • Very happy, with great desire to start this tour and happy, everything that is happening to me is to be very happy. I have received a lot of love, they are adorable, it is always a pleasure to return.
  • What surprises await the Spanish public on this tour?
  • A wonderful, dynamic and fun tour, a show in which we always try to make everyone leave with a huge smile. We are going to be traveling around Spain to offer approximately fifty concerts.
  • You’re still a direct animal…
  • Yes, I really like the truth of the stage, getting up there and feeling the energy of the public and its vibration, for me it is the best of this profession.
  • What have you reflected in “Yes” of your current state?
  • It is a very optimistic album, one of the sincerest with my personality. I can experience difficult stories, love and heartbreak but I am left with a positive message at the end because I always try to learn something from those hard and difficult things that happen to me
  • -What has “The Voice” meant to you?
  • It has been a great experience, I have enjoyed it, I have had a great time and I have shared incredible moments with my teammates. I have experienced unique sensations thanks to the program. A very good experience and totally different from what I am used to.
  • Will you be in the next edition?
  • I don’t know yet, we still don’t know when it would start but I would be delighted to come back if everything fits, it has been a very good experience.
  • Do you stay with the kids or with the adults?
  • Each one has its essence but the little ones are unique, they are all true and that is very funny. With adults we have had the opportunity to find very powerful voices, true discoveries.
  • With the little ones you had a very good eye, you won…
  • Maria is a magical girl, I was very happy that she won the program, she deserved the scholarship and that they helped her lose that insecurity that made us all doubt. She is a girl with an overwhelming sensitivity, something that at that age seems impossible to find.

The most personal side of Malú

  • Is it true that you have found love in the program?
  • I don’t think it’s relevant, I’ve always been very embarrassed to talk about these things, I don’t think it’s very important.
  • You will wait until they see you together…
  • I don’t think that’s necessary either.
  • It has been a hard year for you, with heavy losses, what have you grabbed to cope with it?
  • Life hits us all, in my case I take refuge in what I love the most, music, the stage and my people.
  • For us he was the best guitarist in the world, how do you think his intimates should remember him?
  • Paco de Lucía was the best guitarist in the world, he took flamenco all over the world. You have to remember him as a genius, that genius was his person. A genius is not shown only before the music, he is himself and he was great. All of us who knew him think so and I think we should remember him like this.
  • You have earned your place without ever using his last name, will you use it one day?
  • No, I want to continue having the same respect for my last name that I have always had, I would not like that big last name to be touched at some point by me.
  • How have you evolved?
  • It has been a natural evolution, from fifteen to thirty-two, I have learned a lot from the stages and from everything that I have had to live but in a natural way, I am very grateful for everything that has happened to me

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