Harry Styles, lover of his fans and his ‘haters’

The gorgeous Harry Styles has once again shown his understanding of those who try to take advantage of One Direction ‘s fame to grow on social media.

Unfortunately for a Twitter user, Harry is very aware of the thousands of mentions that come to him through the social network, so when he tried to be smart, he found the response of the 1D singer.

Harry Styles, extra work on Twitter

  • The impact of the tweet on the Internet was spectacular, but shortly after Harry appeared to refute what the user stated with great elegance: “I have not been to the Tigers game. Although it is a good story.”
  • The play went wrong for Brett Hartzell and, given the barrage of criticism he received, he was forced to publicly apologize: “My apologies to @Harry_Styles, it was an inside joke and it has been misinterpreted. I didn’t mean to start a rumor. By the way, you have a large number of fans haha”.
  • Even so, the directioners were not satisfied and created the hashtag #YouAreSoLovedHarry with which they showed their support for their great love and continued to rebuke Brett, until once again, Harry himself replied:”No need to apologize, friend mine. I wish you the best, take care and be careful “.
  • From there everything was praise for the most handsome of One Direction. Not only for showing that he is aware of everything the fans say about him, but also for knowing how to solve a situation so contrary to him so well.

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