Taylor Swift points at Selena Gomez and shoots Harry Styles

With a newly released album, Taylor Swift confesses to Rolling Stones magazine. Among many other things, she confesses that since she left him with Harry Styles, her love life is not the same.

” I haven’t dated since I broke up with Harry Styles. My love life has become a kind of national pastime (…) and I don’t want to offer that kind of entertainment,” says the singer. It is clear that the One Direction singer left her heart very touched and since then she has not met any other boy who fills her.

And it is that the break has made Taylor mature personally: “There is someone who works full time trying to find out things that I do not want the world to know. They look at your career, what things you prioritize and then try to discover what things would be the most painful. For example, I don’t photograph myself naked or anything like that, I’m very jealous of that. So it scares me to think how valuable a video of me changing my clothes would be. It’s sad to have to be looking for hidden cameras in changing rooms and bedrooms I don’t go walking around naked with the windows open because there’s value in that.”

Taylor Swift dart at Selena Gomez?

In addition, he has explained that music continues to be one of his escape routes when someone fails his heart. In the interview, she explained that ‘Bad Blood’, a song from her album ‘1989’, is dedicated to a girl whom she considered her friend, but who was actually a bad person who did not suit her. So when she realized her true intentions, she decided not to continue maintaining the friendship. Are you referring to Selena Gomez?

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