7 classic, traditional and catchy Christmas carols in Spanish

As it happens in many moments of our lives, Christmas is one of those dates that we cannot understand without songs. In this case without Christmas carols. Christmas melodies remind us how magical these weeks are, how important it is to sing and interpret them as a family and, above all, the endearing memory that they will leave us year after year.

Despite the fact that every year an artist surprises us with new Christmas carols, the truth is that the most classic, traditional and catchy ones are still in the field and we cannot conceive of spending these dates without listening to or interpreting any of them. Accompanied, for example, by tambourines, palmas or zambombas. For this reason, in this article we wanted to make a compilation of the 7 most typical Christmas carols in Spanish. Enjoy them!

7 traditional Christmas carols in Spanish to sing at Christmas

  1. The drummer

The story of a boy playing a drum as a gift to baby Jesus has been with us for many years. This letter shows us that at Christmas (and always) it is not necessary to have material things to give details and affection. There is nothing that goes more straight to the heart than this little action:


The road that leads to Bethlehem
Goes down to the valley that the snow covered
The little shepherds want to see their king,
They bring him gifts in his humble bag
To the redeemer, to the redeemer.
The child God has been born in a portal of Bethlehem.

I would like to put at your feet,
some present that pleases you, sir.
Plus, you already know that I’m poor too,
And I don’t have more than an old drum,
Old drum, old drum.
In your honor in front of the portal I will play,
With my drum.

The road that leads to Bethlehem,
I’m marking with my old drum.
There is nothing better that I can offer,
His hoarse accent is a love song,
To the redeemer, to the redeemer.
When God saw me playing before him,
he smiled at me.

  1. Silent Night

The Austrian church of Saint Nicholas was the first place in the world where this Christmas carol was performed. It was 1818 and, since then, there has not been a year that we have not played it. A simple melody full of peace and magic that takes us back to the essence of Christmas.


Silent night, night of faith
The portal of Bethlehem
vibrates in songs full of love
Sweet songs to the redeemer
That was born tonight
And is more beautiful than the sun.

Silent night, night of love
Awake that in Bethlehem
De Maria a rose bush bloomed
And the portal lights up in her honor
Worship the Lord
Because he is the son of God.

Silent night, night of faith
To the portal of Bethlehem
The archangels also arrive
They go singing praises to God
All the world at his feet
Today that God was born.

  1. The fish in the river

Impossible to imagine Christmas without a tambourine and this carol playing in the background. Of unknown origin and author, ‘The fish in the river’ is part of popular culture from generation to generation.



But look how the fish in the river drink
But look how they drink to see God born
They drink and drink and drink again
The fish in the river to see God be born.

The Virgin is washing
And tending in the rosemary
The little birds singing
And the rosemary blooming.


The Virgin is combing her hair
Between curtain and curtain
The hair is made of gold
And the comb is made of fine silver.


  1. Bell over Bell

It is usually a soundtrack for children and adults at Christmas and the fact is that the Christmas carol ‘Campana sobre campana’ has Spanish origin but is among the most translated in the world. If you don’t know their rhymes, you’re taking a long time to learn them!


Bell over Bell,

And on a bell,
Look out the window,
You will see the Child in the cradle.

Bethlehem, bells of Bethlehem,
That the angels play
What news do you bring me?

Gathered your flock
Where are you going shepherd boy?
I’m going to take
cottage cheese, butter and wine to the portal.


Bell on bell,
And on bell two,
Take a look at that window,
Because God has been born.


Bell upon bell,
And upon bell three,
On a Cross at this hour,
El Niño is going to suffer.


  1. Pull up little donkey

The song, composed between 1925 and 1930, presumably has a military origin. Still don’t know? Look look!


At the door of my house
I am going to put a firecracker,
“to” laugh at whoever comes,
to ask for the Christmas bonus.

Well, if I’m going to give everything,
whoever asks on Christmas Eve,
I’m going to have to
ask from door to door.

Arre borriquito, arre burro arre,
go faster than we are late.
Arre donkey let’s go to Bethlehem,
tomorrow is a party
and the other too.

That whoever wants to eat bread
does not come to my dinner
in the portal of Bethlehem
the Virgin is a baker.

Well, if I’m going to give everything,
whoever asks on Christmas Eve,
I’m going to have to
ask from door to door.


In the sky there is a Star
that guides the Magi
to Bethlehem to see
God the son of Mary.

When the monarchs pass,
the people come out on the road,
and Bethlehem goes with them,
to see the tender Child.


  1. The marimorena

Drums, zambombas, tambourines and all the percussive instruments in the world have a place in this carol that is a true Christmas party.


Go, go, go La Marimorena
Go, go, it’s Christmas Eve.

In the portal of Bethlehem there are stars, the sun and the moon,
the Virgin and Saint Joseph, and the Child who is in the cradle.

And if you want to buy bread whiter than the lily
in the doorway of Bethlehem, the Virgin is a baker.

A shepherd eating soups in the air saw
an angel telling him the Redeemer has been born.

From the East three Kings come out to adore the Child God
a star guided them to follow the path.

Four hundred of us have arrived
in a gang at this door
If you want us to sit down,
take out four hundred chairs.

Take one for me
and another “for” my partner
and those who come behind
sit on the ground.

In the portal of Bethlehem
The mice have entered
and the good San José
has gnawed his pants.

In the Portal de Belén there is a man making porridge
with a spoon in his hand, distributing it to the girls.

A star has been lost and does not appear in the sky,
it has entered the Portal and it shines on his face.

In the Portal of Bethlehem the shepherds make the moon
to warm the child who has been born among the flowers.


  1. Merry Christmas

If there is a classic Christmas carol par excellence (both in lyrics and melody) it is undoubtedly Merry Christmas. Simple and easy to learn. It is unforgivable not to sing it at least once on these dates.


Chorus: Merry Christmas Merry Christmas Merry Christmas Merry Christmas Happy New Year and happiness. I wanna wish you a merry Christmas I wanna wish you a merry Christmas I wanna wish you a merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart.


We wanna wish you a merry Christmas
We wanna wish you a merry Christmas
We wanna wish you a merry Christmas
From the bottom of our heart.

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