The best Christmas carols to listen to as a family

Christmas carols are the life of the party in all Christmas celebrations and we cannot deny that a Christmas dinner without carols in the background would not feel like one. For this reason, celebrities are encouraged to sing Christmas carols every year, and it is a way to reach the hearts of all people. Below you will see a short list of Christmas carols so you can listen as a family, and sing them together with your glass of champagne in hand!

The best Christmas carols to listen to as a family

  • To Belén Pastores. This is one of the most traditional and ideal Christmas carols to listen to and sing with the family at Christmas, especially if there are children involved. Parents, grandparents and children will know the lyrics and if not, it is very easy to learn.
  • Holly Jolly Christmas by Michael Bublé. This song is an upbeat Christmas carol sung by Michael Bublé that is very upbeat and everyone will love it. It has catchy lyrics and it doesn’t matter if it’s in English, it has a very upbeat beat!
  • Arre donkey. This is another of the traditional Spanish songs that we have in Christmas carols. The lyrics are very funny so it is ideal to sing with children as a family and to listen to it all together.
  • Last Christmas, wham! This song is a classic and a Christmas carol that cannot be missing at any dinner that wants to have a Christmas rhythm in the background. It is a Christmas carol that never goes out of style so it is ideal to listen to as a family at Christmas, you will not get tired of listening to it!
  • Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande. If you want to hear a Christmas carol with one of today’s most modern voices, then you can’t beat this Christmas carol by Ariana Grande. He will animate your parties and you will all have a great time, he has a great rhythm and is very catchy.

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