The best songs to listen to at Christmas

There is little left until Christmas arrives and we all love to start feeling this Christmas spirit. Trips to see relatives, meals with friends and co-workers… everything begins to create a very special atmosphere. But for everything to be perfect, good music cannot be missing and what hits now is listening to Christmas songs, do you want to listen to some of the best?

The best songs to listen to this Christmas

  • Mariah Carey, “All I Want for Christmas Is You”. If there is any song that reminds me of Christmas, it is this song by Mariah Carey, although she is already her age, it never goes out of style and if you listen to it you will know that Christmas has arrived. It’s amazing what a song can convey about a Christmas party!
  • Gene Autry, “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer”. A song dedicated to Santa’s favorite reindeer that undoubtedly has very Christmassy and happy touches. If you want to liven up a dinner with the spirit of Christmas, you cannot miss this song.
  • Elvis Presley, “Blue Christmas”. In this list we cannot miss the wonderful voice of Elvis Presley with this song that you will like to enjoy alone or in company. No matter how many years pass, his voice will remain immortal among us.
  • The Pretenders, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”. A Christmas song with a very stylish voice that will make you dream in new realities this Christmas. A great song to accompany a romantic evening this Christmas.
  • Eurythmics, “Winter Wonderland”. A Christmas song with a retro and classic touch that will help you enjoy a family Christmas even more.
  • Wham! “Last Christmas”. And of course, this song cannot be missing from your Christmas music repertoire. If there is a song that resonates in people’s heads on these important dates, it is undoubtedly this song.

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