Finally, the evolution of Pablo Alborán

The wait has been long, but ‘ Finally ‘ has arrived. Coincidence or not, the handsome Pablo Alborán has chosen such an original name for one of the most anticipated singles of the year.

Pablo Alborán will publish ‘Por fin’ on September 16, a preview of his new album that will be released in November. With a renewed sound but with the unmistakable stamp of his personality and an intact style.

  • ‘Finally’ opens a new stage in the career of the singer and composer from Malaga, a tremendously exciting stage in which you already feel that new winds are blowing without giving up anything.
  • This is, without a doubt, the most anticipated premiere of the year, the latest from the best-selling artist in our country in the last three seasons (from 2011 to the present). After the successes achieved since his debut, the enormous expectation of the imminent release of his new songs is logical.

The new single by Pablo Alborán, a true reflection of the singer

  • In ‘Finally’, Pablo remains true to himself. The characteristic features of his music, his qualities as a composer and interpreter, are still present, while his desire to advance and evolve is guessed. It is pure Pablo Alborán from yesterday but also from tomorrow, with music that points to the future without renouncing the past. His sound envelops us in an atmosphere that is familiar and endearing but with new ingredients.
  • For the first time in his career, Pablo has shared production duties. He has recorded at Squawkbox studios in Los Angeles (California) together with North American producer Eric Rosse. Supported by a group of prestigious local musicians, Pablo has managed to get the best out of himself as a singer and as an instrumentalist. As an interpreter, he has taken a giant step, making the most of his vocal qualities, adding more intensity and nuances to his voice, in particularly emotional moments, such as when he says “You have made me better / better than I was / and I would give my voice / in exchange for a lifetime.” This week Pablo Alborán previewed this fragment of his first single Por fin through social networks.

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