Dani Martín, on a roll: sweeps his concerts and triumphs in court

Good news for Dani Martín; while he triumphs throughout Spain with his concerts, his former representative in ‘ El Canto del Loco ‘ has been convicted of misappropriation.

El Canto del Loco is back in the news. The band led by Dani Martín came to the fore after last Friday the Supreme Court confirmed the sentence of 2 years in prison and a fine of 21,000 euros imposed on Carlos Pancracio Vázquez Moreno, known as ‘Tibu’ and former representative of the group for misappropriating 222,000 euros generated by the Canto del Loco tour in 2008.

The sentence released by the high court confirms the facts proven at the time by the Court, which date back to the contract that “Tibu” signed with the members of the group in 2008, with which they formed the company “personas Producciones SL” to manage their performances and draw up the band’s promotion plans.

The former representative of Dani Martín, convicted of appropriating 120,000 euros

  • Specifically, he is convicted of a continued crime of misappropriation related to two operations, the first for a tour in 2008 that was sponsored by La Caixa D’Estalvis I Pensions in Barcelona. In this case, the company for which the representative operated (Airados SL) received a return of more than one hundred thousand euros after deducting the part that corresponded to the representative, and which was never delivered to the group.
  • In addition, the company through which “Tibu” operated with the musicians misappropriated more than one hundred and twenty thousand euros obtained from the concert that the group then led by Dani Martín gave at the Palacio de los Deportes in Madrid on June 21, 2008.

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