Liam Payne, Zayn Malik or Harry Styles, who is the scariest of One Direction?

Liam Payne has revolutionized Twitter by confessing that he was terrified after seeing the movie ‘ Annabelle ‘, but it seems that the title to the scariest of One Direction is between Harry Styles and the handsome Zayn Malik.

In one between that they all performed together, the 1D boys confessed what their most hidden fears were; and without a doubt those of Harry Styles and Zayn Malik were the ones that attracted the most attention.

” I’m probably afraid of snakes. I have a feeling I wouldn’t be a big fan of having a snake in front of me,” Harry confessed.

But without a doubt, Zayn Malik is the one who is most afraid: “I’m afraid of some things like heights, I don’t like it when I’m on a ladder and Louis starts playing, I hate it, I’m afraid of riding a horse. Also I’m afraid of water because I don’t know how to swim. And, although he had a hard time admitting it, he is also afraid of the dark.

‘Annabelle’ terrifies One Direction singer Liam Payne

  • For a few days now, Liam Payne’s activity on Twitter has multiplied considerably because of his boredom. First, it was rumored that he was the one who leaked the band’s new single, then he dedicated some nice words to his girlfriend and, finally, he has confessed that he couldn’t sleep normally the day he saw the horror movie.
  • “Annabelle is a very scary movie,” he said on Twitter. His fans, with all the love in the world, took advantage of his distress to send him photos of the famous doll, something that, as he himself confessed, was causing him not to dare to go to bed and that once there, he spent hours with the eyes open.

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