Sam Smith, the king of YouTube, brave and supportive

After triumphing at the 2015 Brit Awards, Sam Smith has returned to the studio for charity purposes. The singer has re-recorded his song De él Lay me down, along with John Legend, winner of the 2015 Oscar for Best Song, to raise funds for Comic Relief – Face The Funny.

The single will be released on March 13 at the Red Nose Day gala at the London Palladium. Sam Smith, who has been in charge of choosing the theme, is very happy to contribute to this cause.

“I recently visited a Comic Relief funded project in my town that supports the young LGBT community in London. I’m very proud that the single helps raise funds for projects like this and many others in the UK and across Africa. “explains the artist.

Sam Smith, an artist’s struggle

  • Sam Smith has wanted to share with all his followers the hardest moments of his adolescence. His sexual condition has earned the successful artist more than one attack.
  • “When I moved to London someone punched me in the back of the head on my way home from work. It was definitely a homophobic attack. I was talking on the phone, quite loud, and I was wearing pink headphones, so it was pretty obvious that I was gay ” he confessed to The Sun newspaper.
  • The singer, who suffered insults and bejamations, is proud of who he is and hopes that his revelations will help eradicate these behaviors among young people who live marked by being different.

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