Shakira strips naked to show her smile

As if her smile wasn’t pretty enough, Shakira hints at nudity in her latest ad for a toothpaste product.

Everything Shakira does automatically becomes news, which is why, on this occasion, the Colombian singer has created great excitement with the video for her new campaign.

In addition, she recently announced a product of her own harvest, her new fragrance Rock by Shakira, and at the presentation event she confessed that she was with her partner, the FC player. Barcelona, ​​Gerard Piqué, ” would have up to 20 children.”

Shakira avoids getting into Piqué’s latest controversy

  • The footballer Gerard Piqué has been involved in a new controversy with the Barcelona Urban Guard.
  • The events occurred when the authorities decided to fine the footballer’s brother, Marc Piqué, for having “stopped for 15 minutes in the bus lane”. Something that bothered Gerard a lot, who began to reproach the policemen: “You envy me because I am famous “, to continue saying ” you are fining me because you are going to commission, because you do not have money and you have to take commission” and ” I’m going to talk to your boss and your hair is going to fall out “, as revealed by 20 minutes and El País.
  • A few words that caused the Urban Police to admonish him for lack of respect and slight disobedience to authority. Since, as La Vanguardia recounts, upon receiving the physical fine Piqué decided to make a ball with it and throw it to the ground.
  • The news of this incident has spread like wildfire and Shakira’s boyfriend has decided to show his face and apologize on Twitter: “What I said has been greatly exaggerated but, in any case, I’m sorry, I was wrong and I will not return to occur.”

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