One Direction’s Liam Payne celebrates his happiest birthday

Liam Payne turns 21 in his prime. Neither personally nor professionally could things go better for the gorgeous One Direction singer.

  • In the middle of the Where We Are Tour, the birthday of one of the most desired of 1D arrives. He won’t be able to celebrate as he has concerts in Chicago on both the 29th and 30th, but after these commitments he has 10 days off to celebrate properly.
  • I’m sure he doesn’t care much because the world tour he’s doing with the rest of the boy band is adding quite a bit to Liam’s pocket. It has recently been published that it is the music group that earns the most in the world.
  • Perhaps the person who is not so amused that Liam has to work on his birthday is his girlfriend Sophia Smith, with whom he is very much in love and with whom it is rumored that they are going to marry.

Will Liam Payne marry his girlfriend Sophia Smith soon?

  • Wedding rumors between Liam Payne and his girlfriend Sophia Smith are getting stronger. A recently written tweet by the One Direction singer set off all the alarms.
  • Minutes before 1D began their WWAT concert in Dallas, Liam wrote ‘ Here we go ‘ on Twitter to announce the start of the show. But the sudden presence of Sophia near the stage caused many fans to think that the time had come when she was going to propose to him.
  • In the end nothing of the suspected happened, except that Sophia preferred to see her boy up close that night, so the young and established couple will have to wait to get married.

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