Shakira, very happy with Piqué: the blaugrana, not so macho

The video ‘Can’t remember to forget you’, where Shakira appears very sensual and seductive with Rihanna, sparked controversy. And it is that, when asked about the opinion of his partner, Gerard Piqué, assured the journalists that “he is a very jealous and territorial man, who always likes to have everything under control. Having his approval made everything a lot easier”.

Since then, there has been speculation about the alleged jealousy of the soccer player and her machismo, who had been satisfied with the soccer player’s behavior. She has also spoken about the jealousy that Piqué may have felt when looking at the close relationship that the mother of her children has with Adam Levine, Shakira’s co-worker on the program ‘The Voice’.

Shakira, rectifies: Piqué is not territorial

  • Days ago, the couple did not want to make any statement about it. But now, the Colombian has decided to back down and has clarified on her Facebook account that what she said was done in a “humorous way” and that both have a good relationship based on trust.
  • “Hi everyone! I recently mentioned in some interviews that Gerard could be territorial at times. I meant it in a humorous way, but I see that some media have taken it literally! The reality is that we have a very nice relationship and mutual trust. Next time I will be more careful in using my sense of humor, which clearly can sometimes be misinterpreted!”, wrote Shakira.
  • With this message, Shakira wanted to make it very clear that she and the father of her son Milan are happily together. Apparently, there is no kind of gap in their beautiful relationship.

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