The sweetest and most maternal face of Malú

The second anniversary of ‘There is one thing I want to tell you’ was celebrated in style with the presence of Malú. The night was charged with emotions and the one in which the singer gave a very emotional surprise to one of her fans.

Yaiza ‘s mother, who suffers from a rare disease, decided to attend the program to give her daughter strength and make her dream of meeting Malú, her favorite singer, come true. Malú did not hesitate to accept this proposal to make the little girl smile.

Malú and Jordi González, supporting little Yaiza

  • Yaiza entered the set happy, although she had no idea what awaited her. Jordi González opened the envelope and the girl’s image appeared on it. She expresses her love for her with beautiful words: “Even if you’re sick, you have to be very strong, okay?” The presenter also added words of encouragement: “Yaiza, not only dad and mom support you, but all of us.”
  • Next, Jordi shows Yaiza a video in which a friend of hers sends her encouragement and also sings the song ‘Toda’ by Malú. Yaiza smiles and proudly says that this song is by Malú, her favorite artist. Hers. Jordi asks her to sing the song with her eyes closed in exchange for a surprise and the girl agrees, while Malú sits next to her without her noticing her.
  • When she opens her eyes, the little girl finds herself in front of her idol, who smiles and kisses her tenderly. Malú tells her that she has sung very well and that she has to keep going even if she is sick: “You can handle everything. You will heal super soon and you will become a princess.”
  • But two more gifts awaited Yaiza: the dedicated Malú album ‘Sí’ and a performance in the front row on the singer ‘s set, which she sang I left.

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