Niall Horan has his great love in One Direction: Liam Payne is Mrs. Horan

Liam Payne has revolutionized Twitter with his jokes towards the handsome Niall Horan. Liam has proclaimed himself the one and only ‘ Mrs Horan ‘ and One Direction fans are in awe of him.

  • During the concert they held on August 4 in East Rutherford, Sophia Smith’s boyfriend confessed his ‘love’ for Niall Horan: ” I hope you had a good night today, but no one is more Mrs Horan than me.”
  • The statement caused a great laugh among the public and made it clear that Niall and Liam are the most prankster members of 1D. The joke came from before, when Niall was preparing to sing one of his romantic songs and his partner told him: ” you can dedicate this song to me because I am the real Mrs Horan “.
  • Far from that the story will stop there, Liam, as if it were one more directioner, dedicated himself to posting tweets praising and insinuating himself towards Niall. She has even changed her name on the social network to Mrs. Horan.

Liam Payne answers who calls him fat

  • It is seen that Liam had a funny day; Well, before joking with Niall, he wanted to send off those who criticize his physical appearance on social networks and in the media.
  • With a photo in which he simulated a huge belly, Liam laughed at the statements that accuse him of being fat from drinking alcohol.
  • Shortly after, he published another snapshot in which he showed his body mass, demonstrating that he is in perfect shape despite the fact that there are those who disagree.

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