Two months in line for the One Direction concert in Madrid

Two months are left for One Direction to set foot on the Vicente Calderón stadium in Madrid and 107 young people have already mobilized to camp at gate 5 of the rojiblanco stadium.

According to ABC, a total of twenty young people under the age of 21 and under have mobilized through social networks to be in the front row at the concerts that the “boy band” will give on July 10 and 11. Although the first arrived on May 3, the Atlético de Madrid board recommended that they do so at the end of the league to avoid incidents.

Mats, letters, umbrellas and even notes from the institute are some of the elements that make up the “survival kit” that the “brave” have who have decided to start and wait. Ana Fernández, 19, or Lorena Estévez, 20, are some of the girls who are part of this madness, as they themselves have described it.

Almost 200 euros to see One Direction in Madrid

  • But the effort will not only be physical, but also economic, since the ticket they have paid is worth 198 euros, an amount that many have been paid by their parents, but others have achieved with great effort. The desire to be close to their idols reaches such a point that one of them has commented: ” There will be problems when entering, because there are always lists that will try to sneak in, but perhaps the one that tries will remain bald.”
  • All of them repeat the experience and it is that they already queued 20 days last year to see the band, although on this occasion: ” This time it is the greatest and they are worth it”. Azucena, one of those who already has a ticket for the two days, has spent 144 euros and comments: “My parents know, huh? I’m used to them because I’ve acted in a similar way with Justin Bieber, only with One Direction They have left me more dough”.
  • Despite the problems they are encountering: “A lot of junkies and homeless people come at night”, but they are willing to put up with anything to see their idols.

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