Lady Gaga, a half-naked goddess in her new video clip

Lady Gaga premieres the GUY video clip after not obtaining the expected results with the ARTPOP singles.

As the phoenix that rises from its ashes always does, this is how the ‘GUY’ video clip begins, where Lady Gaga rises from the fall she suffered for not achieving the desired sales, criticizing those who have turned their backs on her after squeezing her as she commented in an interview for Harper’s Bazaar where many of those she considered her friends left her aside.

  • Like a bird fallen from the sky and with an arrow pierced through its heart, the ‘GUY’ short film, directed by herself with the help of producers Nicole Ehrlich and Andrew Listermann, begins. Later, a dying winged Gaga manages to enter a particular Olympus to transform into Aphrodite or her Roman equivalent Venus. In said 11-minute video clip counting the credits, other songs from the New Yorker’s album sound like ‘ARTPOP’, ‘Venus’ and at the very end to accompany the credits the song ‘MANiCURE’.
  • Bows with arrows of love, impossible outfits, the extravagant singer wearing impossible blonde hair as if it were a portrait of a young Donatella Versace and a particular Zeus played by Andy Cohen, American presenter. But one of the culminating moments of this video clip that has many shots and sequences to analyze, one stands out above many others.

Lady Gaga resurrects Jesus Christ, Ganhi and Michael Jackson in her latest video clip

In it Lady Gaga manages to resurrect, attention: Jesus Christ, Gandhi and even the King of Pop that she idolizes so much and who has spent millions of dollars on his belongings to take his blood and create his own army of perfect men. Swimming pools, an orchestra of women dressed in pink, a lot of Olympic iconography and ultimately a one hundred percent label Lady Gaga is what she shows us in this new video clip that surely will not leave anyone indifferent. It is clear that the New Yorker returns in style to make people talk because of her extravagances and not because of nudity, vomiting and the like.

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