Pilar Rubio goes to party again without Sergio Ramos and without her son

Pilar Rubio, Amaia Salamanca, Rosauro Varo and Berta Collado put on their most rock look and did not miss the spectacular Rolling Stones concert in Madrid.

The Santiago Bernabéu stadium turned Wednesday night into a meeting point for celebrities who did not want to miss the Rolling Stones concert. The mythical British band has offered a single recital in Spain as part of their European tour. The place chosen was Madrid, where they sold out all the tickets.

The Rolling Stones members jumped on stage in the band’s signature outfit – tight pants, jackets and necklaces – and making their movements impossible. ” It’s great to be here again, playing in this fantastic, beautiful stadium,” said Mick Jagger, before beginning to sing You got me rockin.

Among the celebrities who attended the concert we could see Margarita de Borbón, sister of the former monarch, who just a few days before was present at the act in which Don Juan Carlos de Borbón signed his abdication as king. The Duchess of Soria is becoming a regular face at big rock events in the capital, since she once went to see the band AC/DC.

Pilar Rubio, without Sergio Ramos, did not miss the Rolling Stones concert

  • Pilar Rubio, a lover of this musical genre, could not miss it either. She was not with Sergio Ramos, who recently arrived from Brazil with the national soccer team, perhaps he preferred to stay at home with his son. The presenter showed off her figure clad in black vinyl leggings, a t-shirt with an animal print, and high-heeled shoes. Although her partner was her great absentee, Pilar Rubio enjoyed the company of her in-laws, José Maria and Paqui, with whom she talked animatedly on the street moments before the concert began.
  • The actress Amaia Salamanca was also there. The interpreter of the series ‘Velvet’ went with her boyfriend, Rosauro Varo. Both became parents for the first time at the end of last April, and this time they separated for a few hours from their little Olivia to vibrate with the music of the mythical British band.
  • Amaia gave birth two months ago and has been very recovered almost since then. The actress looked great in jean shorts, boots and a Rolling Stones T-shirt. Her friend Ariadne Artiles, with whom she also came to the concert, chose a more rocker look with a studded leather jacket, black shorts, and also black studded ankle boots.
  • Paz Vega and her husband Orson Salazar did not miss this massive date with rock either. The couple took advantage of their vacation days in Spain to enjoy good music with one of the best bands in the world. Paz and Orson arrived hand in hand at the Bernabéu. And Nieves Álvarez, Carlos Bardem, Mikel Erentxun, Asier Illarramendi, Gonzalo Miró and his girlfriend Ana Isabel, Arturo Valls and his wife, the brothers José and David Muñoz de Estopa, Berta Collado, as well as Luján Argülles and her boyfriend Carlos Sánchez, they were there too.

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