Pablo Alborán and Ricky Martín, together: stellar collaboration on the album from Malaga

Pablo Alborán is back in Spain after traveling to India in search of inspiration for his new album, which will feature the collaboration of Ricky Martin. When asked about his supposed romance with the Puerto Rican singer, Pablo has been blunt:  “I will never talk about my private life. I have never done it, neither when it is true nor when it is a lie.”

The rumors that relate him to Ricky Martin arose as a result of a snapshot that Pablo himself posted on his Twitter account in which he appeared with the singer. The Puerto Rican, who came out as openly homosexual in 2010, has not made any statements in this regard. ´

Pablo only wanted to talk about his new album and his professional career, which is experiencing a great moment both nationally and internationally. In fact, for him” it has been wonderful to work with Ricky Martin” on this new album, which is “spectacular.”

Pablo Alborán, focused on his new album

  • The man from Malaga is so focused on his musical career that he has not wanted to talk about Javier Vázquez Ansorena, the representative who has tried to defraud various celebrities such as the daughter of Ortega Cano and the actor Iván Martín and who posed as his manager. Ansorena signed a contract with a nightclub in Pontevedra, for which he agreed that Pablo would perform there, when he was actually on tour.
  • The only subject on which he has spoken has been on the album by Maria Parrado, the winner of the first edition of ‘La Voz Kids’, which includes seven of his songs. “It’s an honor that they sing my songs. I’m very happy,” says the artist. Pablo Alborán knew María Parrado from another program and explains that he has had contact with her, so it would not be surprising if they soon joined her voices in a musical duet.

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