Dani Martin declares himself to Blanca Suárez at her concert in Madrid

Dani Martín swept in style at the first of his concerts in Madrid. The singer performed his best songs and dedicated ‘Emocional’ to his ‘churri’, Blanca Suárez.

The theme chosen to start this concert was ‘ Emocional’, a song that brings back very good memories for the singer since it was in the recording of his video clip that love arose with his current partner Blanca Suárez.

Months of rumors and trying to evade the press by all means have already passed, and the fact is that the singer, completely happy, included in his thanks to his girl: ” A round of applause for my Blanca, my super churri “.

Dani not only mentioned his girl, he also remembered his cousin David Otero on the song ‘As you are’, and perhaps the most emotional memory was that of his sister who died in 2008. ‘ My regret ‘, a song written in honor of his sister, caused Dani to get emotional under the watchful eye of the entire audience, who shared that intimate moment with him.

 Leiva and Hombres G, together with Dani Martín at their concert in Madrid

  • He went from emotion to jubilation. Much-loved characters in Spanish music did not want to miss this full house at the Palacio de los Deportes and accompanied the Madrid native on this night of emotions. Leiva with his new song ‘ Terrimentemente Cruel ‘ got the ovation of the whole public, he also gave away his version of ‘ Peter Pan ‘. The Hombres G also signed up for the party and David Summer thanked Dani for his dedication and affection.
  • A concert that ended after midnight and in which the songs from the new album were interspersed with great classics from El Canto del Loco such as ‘ A black and white photo ‘, ‘ With you ‘, ‘ The luck of my life ‘, etc. In the end, Dani said goodbye to Madrid for only a few hours since today he returns to the Palacio de los Deportes with a fully booked poster. His closing song was ‘ Zero ‘, putting the finishing touch to a sublime night for the singer.

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