Shakira, one more Catalan: Piqué, proud of his girlfriend

Shakira has presented her new album accompanied by her boyfriend Gerard Piqué, and the singer has been full of praise for Catalonia.

Regarding her relationship with Barcelona, ​​the singer assured: ” I have many things to thank Catalonia for “, and recalled that the city of Barcelona has served as inspiration for her songs and videos.

  • ” It has given me the greatest happiness of my life: my partner and my son, two Catalans who make me feel fulfilled,” remarked Shakira, for whom it is now a challenge to go on a world tour, since, she has said, the players of FC Barcelona are like soldiers.
  • The singer took the opportunity to thank her ‘ in-laws ‘ for the help they provided during the absence of her boyfriend Gerard Piqué: “Without them I would not have been able to complete the album,” she said.
  • Regarding her motherhood, she explained that one day she took her one-year-old son Milan to the studio, and that his crying appears in the song ‘`23 ‘: “He is the youngest vocalist in the world,” Shakira joked, who He also noted that his voice has changed, becoming rounder and deeper.
  • ” A baby is an infallible mirror: it reveals what you are made of, your worst fears and your desires,” summed up the singer, who has dedicated the song ‘The One Thing’ to her, and that her baby has taught her a few Life lessons.

Shakira and Piqué, do not think about wedding

  • When asked about the date of her wedding, the singer replied that when Piqué asks her, and later said: ” We feel as if we were married: we have a baby together.”
  • Shakira confessed that sometimes she feels more like a lyricist than a vocalist, and explained that at the age of 8 she began to write songs, which her father recorded so that no one would steal them, and added: “He was my first manager.”
  • At the end of the press conference, the singer dedicated the song ’23’ to her boyfriend Gerard Piqué, at an event full of journalists, family members and friends of the couple, such as Carles Puyol and Vanesa Lorenzo. They both became happy parents of a girl named Manuela on January 24, and in this new stage they also did not neglect her friends and they supported Shakira in the presentation of the album. Vanessa, two months after giving birth, showed off a spectacular figure in a short lace dress and a demi-season coat.

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