Lucero releases an album: ‘Here I am’, as a tribute to Ana Gabriel

The Mexican singer Lucero, with the permission of the composer and interpreter Ana Gabriel, launches her new album ‘Aquí estoy’, which contains 16 musical hits from the Sinaloan woman, to whom she pays homage and with whom she will tour the states of Mexico and the United States Joined.

“Lucero did not limit himself to singing them, but with his talent he gave them a piece of his heart to each song”, this is how Ana Gabriel describes it in the dedication to his new interpreter.

“Ana Gabriel herself has liked it a lot, which excites me because she never imagined a record of her songs with my interpretation. And the admiration is mutual. We have long careers, she is over 40 years old and I am 35. And yes, I am not afraid of comparisons, because she has a great musical legacy, which I wanted to revive and take up her melodies and give them to an audience different from hers”.

Sing with the heart

  • Lucero clarified that unlike a new interpreter, “I gave her the strength of the songs with maturity to interpret them because they are not easy and to sing with the heart, you must have a certain maturity, because she talks about lack of love, the heart, the love. That’s why these songs ‘come like a glove’”.
  • The singer defended her decision to record covers.
  • “I did it because I wanted to. Today I can give myself that freedom. ‘Aquí estoy’ contains 16 songs, plus a DVD of the melodies”.
  • On the other hand, Lucero said that, for the first time in many years, she will not participate as a host in the Teletón, the program where millions of pesos are collected for the rehabilitation of people with disabilities.

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