Songs of good vibes and motivation: positive music to cheer you up

There are moments in life when we need a little extra motivation to do things like get up, play sports, take a shower or just feel better. Music can help you in the task of being a little more optimistic and facing the day with a smile, no matter how bad it is or how hard some conditions are. For this reason, in this article we bring you a list of songs with good vibes and motivation so that you can move on a little happier than you were. For those moments that we talked about before, you need positive music to cheer you up, so we suggest a few that, due to their lyrics, their rhythm or because they are great classics of a lifetime, will give you that extra bit of optimism that you lack. Turn up the volume!

Great and perfect songs to motivate your day by day

  1. I will resist – Dynamic duo

This song has become a hymn in Spain during the coronavirus quarantine, and we cannot feel more identified with the lyrics. Despite everything, no matter how hard the road may be, even though you think you can’t take it anymore… I will resist. A true classic that we have been listening to for years and that you can sing out loud every day you want. Who doesn’t just have a better vibe after releasing all the adrenaline at the top of their lungs?

  1. I will survive – Monica Naranjo

If, in addition to extra motivation, what you need is to let off steam and release all the strength and energy you have accumulated, Mónica Naranjo is always a good option. A theme with a message of encouragement that will also make you release all your energy. You dare?

  1. My big night- Raphael

Is there a song more famous than this one by Raphael? When uncertainty is stronger than your energy, this song will remind you that there are still good times. When you think it’s your worst moment, it can even surprise you and become a memorable one.

  1. Show Must Go On – Queen

If the show has to go on, it better does it with one of those Queen songs we’ve heard a million times and only know the chorus. No problem! Just listening to it once will make you come up and start singing out loud. And if you dare, it’s time to learn the verses too.

  1. I want to have your presence – Social Security

Wishing to see the people that you have far away (or that you have close but cannot go to visit) this song represents good vibes and the desire of many people.

  1. Red wine – Bast

There are mythical songs that we know right and wrong. Estopa’s first album is one of them without a doubt, any song can serve as motivation but we are sure that if you hear the first sentence of ‘vino roto’ you’ll come up in two seconds!

  1. Flying Free – Pont Aeri

The story of a nightclub that decided to make history with a great song that would pass from generation to generation, and it did! In 2019 it was 20 years since this song came to light. The letter? “When night comes, it’s time to feel the melody. Free your mind. Sounds, lights and energy…” And dance!

  1. Son of man – Tarzan

We couldn’t help but include a classic Disney soundtrack on our list. Wonderful lyrics that, if you still don’t know, you have to learn!

  1. Tusa- Karol G with Nicki Minaj

Without a doubt, this song will make you move from the place where you are and fill you with positive energy. Do you dare to learn Nicky Minaj’s rap in this song? Take your time to practice it, it’s a great idea to surprise your loved ones!

Add this playlist to your music platform and turn up the volume. Music is wonderful and has the power to cheer up even the saddest person, you just have to let yourself be infected by it!

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