9 songs against racism: anti-racist music for equality

Since the days of colonial slavery, music has been a form of struggle against oppression. The African slaves used their songs to the rhythm of Gospel to sing to the wind their situation and resist the horrors they lived through. Throughout history, the black community in the American continent has been the forerunner of many musical movements, with which they have expressed their anger, their discontent or their oppression.

Blues, jazz, son or samba have their origins in the segregated neighborhoods of Boston, the Cuban communities of slave descendants or the Bantu slaves of Brazil. The pop, R&B or hip hop that we listen to now are, therefore, protests against racism in their essence. Although sometimes we forget this, which is why different artists decide to go one step further and create songs to combat racial discrimination in a creative and powerful way. Songs against racism like the ones we show you in this article. Long live anti-racist music for equality!

The best songs to fight racism

Rap against racism – El Chojín 

  • Rap against racism was an initiative of the Spanish rapper ‘El Chojín’ and the NGO Movement against intolerance. This famous rap that has millions of views on YouTube had the collaboration of important figures of Spanish hip hop, such as Nach, Zatu, Sho-Hai, Locus or Langui.
  • “The problem comes when they don’t see the problem and the problem stays when they deny it. I guess it went without saying… It’s clear to you, isn’t it? Rap is against racism! ” says El Chojín at the end of the song.

Negrito – Inheritance of Timbiquí

The Colombian group Herencia de Timbiquí is a tribute to the municipality of Timbiquí, an Afro-descendant community in the Colombian Pacific that is proud of its roots and its music. The lyrics of this upbeat song are a vindication of Afro pride.

International – Bomba Estéreo

“Mixed, we are mixed. The same story with another flavor. We come from everywhere. With dance, rhythm and lots of color”. Thus begins this fabulous song against racism by Bomba Estéreo.

Frijolero – Molotov

Molotov’s song tackles one of America’s most tense issues of racism, racism towards Mexicans and border issues.

  • “Don’t call me beaner
  • mr bugger
  • I’ll scare you
  • For racist and asshole
  • don’t call me bean
  • Fucking gringo bitch”

Evony and Ivory – Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder

  • The 1982 song uses the metaphor of piano keys to talk about racism and the need to live in harmony between races.
  • “Ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony
  • Side by side on my piano keyboard, oh Lord, why don’t we?”
  1. If the north were the south – Ricardo Arjona
  • The Guatemalan singer-songwriter turns inequalities on the American continent with this intelligent song.
  • “If the north were the south, the Sioux would be the marginalized
  • Being dark and short would be the most sought-after look
  • Marcos would be the Mexican rambo
  • And Cindy Crawford the Menchú of my countrymen”

Four Women – Nina Simone

The composer and jazz singer wrote this powerful song in 1966 that portrays 4 bodies of black women with 4 different lives, all affected by white racism.

  • “My skin is yellow
  • my hair is long
  • Between two worlds
  • I do belong
  • My father was rich and white
  • He forced my mother late one night
  • what do they call me?
  • My name is Saffronia
  • My name is Saffroni”

Where Is the Love? –The Black Eyed Peas

Where Is the Love? It is a claim to love and understanding among human beings, regardless of race or religion.

“But if you only have love for your own race Then you only leave space to discriminate”

Freedom – Beyoncé, featuring Kendrick Lamar

Beyoncé’s famous song is a direct protest against racism and an anthem for racial equality. In addition to this powerful song, Beyoncé expressed her support for the ‘ Black Lives Matter ‘ movement in the video for Formation, where the artist appears on top of a police car sinking due to flooding in New Orleans and at the end of the video there is graffiti with the words ‘stop shooting us’ (stop shooting us).

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