Ivanna García wins the ‘Voice Kids Colombia’ with her exceptional talent

With 44.1% of the votes, Ivanna García, from the Maluma team, was the winner of the first season of ‘Voz Kids Colombia’.

The 13-year-old bumanguesa had an excellent blind audition; very close duels, and characteristics that always made her stand out during the program, as confirmed this Tuesday night, when she interpreted If ain’t got you, by Alicia Key, the same interpretation with which she appeared on the program.

  • The Santanderian began the world of art dancing and acting, but finally decided on music, a talent that led her to be chosen as the best voice in the children’s contest.
  • One of the most impressive voices from the beginning was that of Ivanna: ipso facto, all the jurors turned their chairs and begged her to stay on her team.
  • Maluma, his reggaeton coach
  • She chose Maluma, the young reggaeton player who received the most criticism of the night. Even one of the ‘trending topics’ on Twitter was #MeErizoComoMaluma, after the musician approached the girl to try to convince her to be part of her team and told her: “I got ericé”.
  • Since it hadn’t happened in a while, the show aroused interest that became evident on social media. Many people expressed their interest in the show, in Maluma, and in continuing to watch it.
  • Audience levels exceeded 40 % and the media coverage of the little girl’s performance was impressive throughout the country.
  • A great future is predicted for this new value of Colombian song, I hope they know how to channel it properly: talent, he has plenty.

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