Why listening to music every day makes you happier

Raise your hand if you don’t have a favorite song, a song that makes you dream or an artist that gives you goosebumps. Almost everyone likes music. Dancing on summer nights, entertaining yourself on public transport to go to work or getting emotional with a letter that reminds you of an old love. If you are not yet passionate about music, we give you reasons to listen to music every day that will make you much, much happier.

Reasons to listen to music and be happy 

  • When a song reaches your soul, everything starts to make sense. Sadness is more depressing and joy is happier. This requires a lot of empathy, which is what will make us feel emotion. Melting into the lyrics, the melody, the rhythm and the music in general will make us feel more intense emotions and happiness run through our veins.
  • Another fundamental aspect to listen to music every day is the motivation that it can give us. To achieve our goals, to make us more empathetic to reach a goal. Few things will make us happier than self-motivation through good lyrics or unique sounds.
  • And since souls are full of memories, there is nothing better than accompanying each of these moments with a soundtrack. Thus, we will be happy to listen again to those songs that reach the depths of our hearts.

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