One Direction’s Niall Horan snaps at fans before concert

The expectation that One Direction raises is so great that the members of the group themselves had to ask for silence from the fans who were spending the night at the door of their hotel.

Niall Horan ‘s official Twitter was the true reflection of the state of mind of the 1D boys while they tried to sleep in Bogotá.

  • It all started with compliments towards his followers in Bogotá: ” The fans are incredible “, but after a few minutes he began to complain about the noise his followers caused from the street: “I think the hotel is made of paper. It’s as if people outside was in my room. There’s no way to sleep tonight.”
  • Things didn’t seem to calm down and Niall was forced to ask ” Please! ” to his fans to shut up. The noise must have continued and the blond from One Direction already exploded, always trying to keep his composure: ” Please turn down the noise! ​​The whole group is very tired! Tomorrow we have a great day! I don’t want to seem angry!”.
  • Finally, the fans took notice and, as always, Niall was very grateful: “Thank you very much. Tomorrow will be a great day for everyone!”

One Direction kicks off their WWAT tour

  • The most famous boyband in music begins its long-awaited WWAT all over the world and South America is already anxiously awaiting the boys of One Direction.
  • Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, will be the first city that will be able to enjoy the great show that Harry Styles has promised: “It is important for the fans and all those who will come to see us that they know that it will be much bigger and with new songs.A completely tour different ».
  • Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil will also be visited by 1D, in this first part of the tour, until completing a total of 10 concerts.

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