Alessandra Ambrosio: the ‘boho’ queen of Coachella

If there is a queen in the boho universe, with the permission of the reappeared Sienna Miller, or the eternal Kate Moss, that is without a doubt Alessandra Ambrosio. And if there is an incomparable setting in which she can wear her best clothes and show off her positivity and hippie spirit, that is undoubtedly Coachella.

The music festival held in California is abuzz with celebrities, where more VIPs gather per square meter to enjoy the bands, the open air and the boho outfits that are more similar to ‘chic’ where to attract attention is more important than the groups that play on stage.

Alessandra Ambrosio, star of Coachella

  • And when we start to compare looks, even when the mini Kardashians – Kendall and Kylie Jenner – were on the lawn giving it their all with extensions and outlined lips, the true boho queen is still Ambrosio. The little Brazilian angel from Victoria’s Secret is a regular at the festival, which she attends with very blonde friends as stylized as she is, and she has become the banner of this event.
  • Her looks are the most talked about, she shows off a smile, knowing how to be, and a life of light and color, something that goes perfectly with the aesthetics of the music festival itself. In addition, Alessandra warms up her engines on Instagram with photos of her before the date, and then shows photos of her children showing that her idyllic life is on the catwalks, in front of the cameras, and in her own house of her

Alessandra Ambrosio’s boho look

  • But how does Alessandra Ambrosio manage to always have that boho aura? Let’s take as an example the look that she has chosen for this photo: a very flattering ruffled skirt (which she could hide a big butt if she had it) and a matching tank top. Both garments convey this style by having a hippie chic touch.
  • They are spacious and the faded pinkish print gives it a much more boho touch. The tassel-shaped details and sunglasses reinforce the outfit, not to mention the multiple necklaces and bracelets that reach halfway down her arm. The fringes on the bag are essential for a good boho look.
  • As you can see in the following photo, every year he bets on this style because he knows that he is the winner at Coachella.

An undone braid, perfect for Coachella

  • Braids are one of the most suitable hairstyles for festivals like Coachella. They are very comfortable, because you no longer have to worry about your hair for the rest of the day. Also, you forget to finish with the mane full of dirt and drink. And if it’s very hot, tie your hair up so you don’t end up falling apart.
  • Alessandra Ambrosio has chosen a semi-undone braid and has left some loose strands of hair to give it a more natural touch. But, if you’re more of a pigtail type, take a look at this video in which we tell you how to create a bubble ponytail step by step.

And as for makeup?

There are two essential keys to any makeup for Coachella: naturalness and waterproof. Fresh makeup will transmit a more rested and fun image. And waterproofs will help you not to become a make-up raccoon due to sweat and hoses to cool off.

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