Venezuelan Mariana Vega wins in the ‘Best New Artist’ category

Venezuelan singer Mariana Vega won the ‘Best New Artist’ award at the Latin Grammy ceremony. The young Venezuelan started her career after singing at a cousin’s wedding where she was approached by a record label producer who asked her for a demo.

  • Vega mainly thanked the academy and dedicated his award to Venezuela.
  • “How exciting, thank you very much. I want to thank the academy for taking the time to listen to all of us, the new artists, giving us this opportunity, opening the door to your great family to teach us everything we have to learn, it is a very honor great to be here
  • “Thanks to my family for teaching us that happiness is the way and not the goal. To my work team, you know who you are. Thanks to my husband, thanks to you I am here. Up Venezuela, thank you very much!”, expressed the vocalist.
  • The interpreter of “My bubble” received the gramophone from the actress Maite Perroni and the singer Prince Royce. Vega is also a candidate to raise the recognition of “Best Contemporary Pop Vocal Album.

Blades and Juanes triumph

  • Rubén Blades took the stage to interpret a particular version of the popular “Pedro Navaja” in the tango style. Next to him, a couple danced to the song. In the end, the singer won a statuette for ‘Best Tango Album’.
  • The Panamanian Rubén Blades won this Thursday the Latin Grammy for Best Tango Album for ‘ Tangos’, in a ceremony held at the GMG Grand Arena hotel in Las Vegas.
  • “Nobody gets anywhere alone. This belongs to a team, to a group of people,” declared the famous salsa singer upon receiving the award during an event prior to the grand gala of the Latin Gammy Awards, scheduled for 01:00 GMT on Friday.
  • Blades, who took the stage together with his producer Carlos Franzetti, thanked “Don Leopoldo and his orchestra, he gave us the legitimacy to make this record,” he said excitedly.
  • The Panamanian beat Franzetti himself (In the key of tango), Mónica Navarro (Calle), Tanghetto (Hybrid tango II) and Marianela Villalobos (Amor y tango).
  • Colombian Juanes won the Latin Grammy for Best Pop/Rock Album for ‘ Loco de Amor’.
  • “It is increasingly difficult to be here. It is an immense joy” to be honored with a new Grammy, the singer said when addressing the audience, in a previous ceremony.
  • “Thank you very much to my team, to my family and to my wife and children” for helping to make this record.
  • Juanes prevailed over Airbag (Libertad), Elefante (El Rinoceronte), Jarabe de Palo (Somos) and Vega (Wolverines).

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