Twitter makes fun of Ruth Lorenzo’s dress for Eurovision 2014

The grand gala of the Eurovision Song Contest is here and we have finally been able to see Ruth Lorenzo ‘s official rehearsals, and the long-awaited dress that she will wear in Denmark.

The expectation is maximum and the look of the Spanish singer has already aroused the first comments: ” Well, for me the dress is a potato… I expected something else, the truth… “, defended a Twitter user.

But not everyone thinks it’s ‘a potato’ and they are delighted with the choice: ” I think the dress is beautiful, it’s unique like Ruth! The makeup too, everything seems perfect to me! “.

Ruth Lorenzo, excited with desire for Eurovision 2014

  • Under the motto ‘Join Us’ (Join us, in English), 37 countries compete in the 59th edition of Eurovision. After two semifinals, which are held on Tuesday 6 and Thursday 8 May, the Spanish candidate will go directly to the final. This is because Spain belongs to the Big Five, along with France, the United Kingdom, Germany and Denmark, the host country.
  • Of those 37 countries, only 20 sing in the final, which is broadcast live on our website and La 1 de Televisión Española at 9:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 10. The person in charge of directing the gala is José María íñigo, who will be part of Eurovision for the fourth year.
  • Íñigo predicts that Ruth Lorenzo will be in the top ten, although Eurovision experts consider that she will be in fourteenth place. However, the Spanish candidate has forcefully stated to ‘El Periódico’: “My intention is to win. I don’t do anything if it’s not to win. Now, whether we win or not, that’s something else.”

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