The most chameleon-like Katy Perry, the terror of children and adults

Katy Perry loves to dress up in her video clips, that’s more than clear. What if dressed as a witch, a candy woman, a nerdy girl unlucky in love, in a wedding dress or playing Cleopatra.

  • This time he has gone further and in the ‘Birthday’ video clip he has launched himself into playing five characters, all of them alleged entertainers at birthday parties. In this way and, as if it were a hidden camera program, Katy Perry ruins the parties of what should be the best day of the year for her protagonists.
  • Perry poses as Goldie, an eighth-year-old ex-dancer from Las Vegas who seduces an old man who is turning 90. She and she gets it by coming out of the cake and dressed in a provocative way. A hilarious scene where the reactions of the guests are the most varied.
  • The singer also transforms into Yosef, an entertainer at a birthday party for a Jewish boy who leaves everyone speechless.
  • Princess Mandee, who supposedly should be every girl’s dream, becomes a nightmare by not knowing how to properly make up the faces of the little girls, who longed to look radiant and end up with their faces smeared with paint with a brush.

Katy Perry, the terror and joy of the little ones

  • Kriss the clown, much given to drink, is the scariest of all. With this disguise he scares the children causing a traffic accident. The little ones had an equally bad time with the animal trainer Ace, who jokes trying to swallow a mouse and chokes.
  • Five birthday parties ruined in ‘Birthday’ and, as in any self-respecting hidden camera, Katy Perry ends up revealing her identity in one of the celebrations before the watchful eye of many girls, who jump for joy to discover that it was about singer.
  • Some makeovers that shouldn’t be surprising coming from the best-known green-haired woman on the international music scene.

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