Lana del Rey talks about suicide

The singer Lana del Rey has caused great controversy for some words taken from an interview for the British Newspaper the Guardian. Is she thinking of committing suicide?

In it, apart from saying that since he published his last musical work, born to Die in 2012, he had no thought of creating music again, he continued making music with his reissue of this first album, including and now his second important CD in his career., Ultraviolence.

  • He also wanted to remember great music figures such as the late Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse, belonging to the so-called ‘ Club of 27 ‘, a black list of the musical world that includes those artists who unfortunately, due to some circumstances or other, died at the age of age of 27 years. Other of the artists that belong to him are the singer Jimi Hendrix, Brian Jones, Janis Joplin or Jim Morrison.
  • And it is that by chance Lana del Rey is this age and we do not know if out of fascination or because she really feels it, it does not occur to her more than to drop the next pearl and raise the controversy: ” I wish I was already dead.” With these words she told her interviewer, the writer Tim Jonze.
  • Some words that he really means, because his fascination for this tragic group knows no limits: ” That’s how I feel. If it wasn’t like that, then I wouldn’t say it. In another situation I would be scared (to death)”, he affirmed with categorical Lana del Rey. She also assured that people around her see how her lifestyle is like a movie, although she herself clarifies that it is “a fucking movie.” A pessimism and melancholy that is transferred to her lyrics.

Lana del Rey, obsessed with death

  • It is not the first time that she sings to death because the name of her previous album says it all, ” Born to Die “, with a couple of video clips where the protagonists, basically herself, end up dead.
  • In a recent interview for FADER magazine, Lana del Rey also confessed that during part of her tour and her disturbing lyrics come from an illness that affected her in an inexplicable way. Such was her ailment that not even the doctors themselves could diagnose it: ” I was sick during the tour that I did for two years with a medical abnormality that the doctors could not diagnose.”
  • Some somewhat disturbing and disturbing words and it is not the first time that Lana del Rey is unhappy with making music because it seems that she has already lost her passion for it. Pending the criticism of Ultraviolence, we will see if Lana del Rey will finally leave the music or she will delight us by being that languid diva of stormy lyrics for a long time.

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