5 typical Christmas carols in Mexico (with their complete lyrics)

The melody and lyrics of Christmas carols is something as typical as having nougat on the table or getting together with your family on these dates: it cannot be missing. Passing from generation to generation, Christmas songs have always been part of the tradition on these dates and it must continue to be so, so that adults and children gather around the tree and with tambourines or whatever they find around them, sing the songs. most famous.

There are many different versions of the most classic Christmas carols (and also of the origin and creation of these, many of them -mostly- anonymous). Many place this origin in the Marquis of Santillana. However, it is not entirely clear. What is clear is that, although today they exist of all kinds, the beginning of them was a religious origin, of evangelization, since in itself the origin of Christmas is. In fact, the teaching of these songs was one of the methods that the missionaries used to evangelize Mexico in the 16th century.

Nowadays everyone sings them and whether you are from Mexico or Spain, these 5 typical Christmas carols in Mexico will surely sound familiar to you because they share a language and are really famous. In this article we show you their complete lyrics! All told: to sing, dance and celebrate Christmas in style, let’s go!

The most traditional Mexican Christmas carols with lyrics

  1. Pull up little donkey

Raise your hand if you don’t know this Christmas carol with your eyes closed. It is one of the most classic Christmas songs, but if there is still someone at home who does not know it, it is time to learn it!


  • I have a birth
  • in a corner of my house
  • with shepherds and shepherdesses
  • and a palace on the mountain,
  • Their lives King Herod
  • There he lives and his soldiers
  • everyone is waiting
  • the wise men arrive.
  • pull up little donkey
  • go donkey go
  • walk faster
  • that we are late
  • pull donkey
  • let’s go to Bethlehem
  • that tomorrow is a party
  • and the other too.
  • In the sky there is a star
  • that guides the wise men
  • towards Bethlehem to see
  • to God the son of Mary,
  • when monarchs pass
  • people come out on the road
  • and happy they go with them
  • to see the tender child.
  • Chorus
  • To the portal of Bethlehem
  • a shepherd goes
  • singing this way
  • to brighten the way,
  • the child god is born
  • in a miserable portal
  • to teach men
  • the humility of his lineage.
  1. The inns

One of the traditions that differentiates Mexico from other countries is the tradition of Las posadas. It is a kind of pilgrimage that begins on December 16 and that recreates the search for inns by José and María when the child was to be born. During Las posadas, children and adults parade in a procession while they sing this very special Christmas carol:


  • The pilgrims…
  • In the name of heaven
  • I ask you for a lodging
  • Well, he can’t walk
  • my beloved wife
  • The Innkeepers…
  • This is not an inn
  • keep going,
  • I can’t open them
  • not going to be a crook.
  • The pilgrims…
  • don’t be inhuman
  • give us charity
  • that the god of heaven
  • It will reward you.
  • The Innkeepers…
  • you can go now
  • and do not disturb
  • because if I get angry
  • I’m going to beat them
  • The pilgrims…
  • we come exhausted
  • From Nazareth
  • I’m a carpenter
  • Name Jose
  • The Innkeepers…
  • I don’t care about the name
  • Let me sleep
  • Well, I’ll tell you
  • that we should not open
  • The pilgrims…
  • Posada I ask you,
  • beloved home,
  • well mother will be,
  • the queen of heaven
  • The Innkeepers…
  • Well, if she’s a queen,
  • who requests it,
  • how come at night
  • are you so lonely?
  • The pilgrims…
  • My wife is Maria
  • Queen of Heaven
  • and mother will be
  • of the divine verb
  • The Innkeepers…
  • it’s you Jose
  • Your wife is Maria
  • enter pilgrims
  • I didn’t know them
  • The pilgrims…
  • God pay gentlemen
  • our charity
  • And the sky fills you
  • Of happiness
  • ALL…
  • happy the house
  • that shelters this day
  • to the pure virgin
  • The beautiful Maria.
  • Enter Holy Pilgrims,
  • Receive this corner
  • that although the dwelling is poor,
  • I give it to you from the heart.
  1. Bell over Bell

It is also known as Campanas de Bethlehem and this Christmas song is another of the most classic on these dates, although it has a difficulty: not everyone knows the verses! Sometimes we get lost among so many bells and it never hurts to have the lyrics at hand. It has been performed in many regions, perhaps because it is a Christmas carol with a happy melody and very nice lyrics.


  • Bell over Bell,
  • and on a bell,
  • Get close to the window,
  • you will see the Child in the cradle.
  • Bethlehem, bells of Bethlehem,
  • that angels touch
  • what news do you bring me?
  • Gathered your flock
  • where are you going shepherd boy?
  • I will take to the portal
  • cottage cheese, butter and wine.
  • Chorus
  • Bell over Bell,
  • and on bell two,
  • lean out that window
  • because God has been born.
  • Chorus
  • Bell over Bell,
  • and on bell three,
  • on a cross at this hour,
  • the Child will suffer.
  • Chorus
  • Christmas, Christmas
  • Christmas, Christmas
  • Today is Christmas.
  • with bells this day
  • We have to celebrate
  • Christmas, Christmas
  • because he was born
  • last night, Christmas Eve,
  • The little boy God
  1. The drum boy

El niño del tambor (better known in Spain as El tamborilero or El pequeño tamborilero) is a very famous Christmas carol that tells the story of a little boy who makes a living with his little drum and, in fact, that is the gift he carries the newborn Jesus. An endearing song that singer Raphael brought to Spanish-speaking fame in the 1960s.


  • The road that leads to Bethlehem
  • Go down to the valley that the snow covered.
  • The little shepherds want to see their King.
  • They bring you gifts in their humble bag,
  • ropopop, ropopop.
  • He was born in the portal of Bethlehem
  • the Child God
  • I would like to put at your feet
  • some present that pleases you, Lord.
  • But you already know that I am poor too,
  • and I have nothing but an old drum,
  • ropopop, ropopop.
  • In Your honor, in front of the portal I will play
  • with my drum
  • The road that leads to Bethlehem
  • I am marking with my old drum:
  • there is nothing better that I can offer you,
  • his hoarse accent is a love song,
  • ropopopom, poroponponpon.
  • When God saw me playing before Him,
  • smiled at me
  1. Sleep and don’t cry

Generation after generation grandparents and parents have interpreted this carol as a Christmas lullaby to put their children and grandchildren to sleep. Many are the adults who today remember him.


  • Sleep and don’t cry.
  • We announce to you an immense joy.
  • Today the Savior was born.
  • In a manger on straw
  • And between diapers you will find it.
  • Sleep and don’t cry
  • Jesus of the soul
  • sleep and don’t cry
  • My sweet Love.
  • Sleep and don’t cry
  • that these your tears
  • split the soul
  • Of compassion.
  • Your little tears, pearls of heaven,
  • They are my treasure, garments of love.
  • The crying calms down
  • Sweet my good,
  • Otherwise you will make me cry.
  • If you cry for me, beloved Jesus,
  • For my sins and ingratitude,
  • That the crying cease, that from now on,
  • I will never, ever make you cry.
  • Well, what are you looking for me?
  • Well, you love me
  • Come my Jesus, come Child come,
  • It will be your cradle nest of loves,
  • This manager of the heart.

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