Neither Chenoa, nor Elena Tablada, nor China Suárez: Bisbal’s family does not like their girlfriends

Eugenia “la China” Suárez, David Bisbal ‘s girlfriend, has not entered the singer’s family on the right foot. Those closest to the man from Almería describe it as “very intense”.

Vanitatis has had access to the first impressions of the Bisbal Ferré clan about Bisbal’s new partner and, judging by their statements, they are not very good.

” She is very spontaneous. Her somewhat cheeky ways are not exciting and neither is her style when it comes to dressing,” some sources very close to the singer declared to the magazine.

Therefore, Eugenia joins David’s list of girlfriends who are not welcome in the family: Chenoa was arrogant and Elena Tablada did not speak to the singer’s brothers. The only one she liked was Raquel Jiménez.

China Suárez is not loved by David Bisbal’s fans either

  • In addition to having created some enmity within the family, Eugenia Suárez has already earned the animosity of many David fans.
  • A few days ago he wrote a tweet: ” With great respect to your fans. I am your fan number 1 “, which the staunchest followers did not like at all. ” What is that? The joke of the day? Well, I was not amused”, “Fan number 1 is something very big and you lose points every time you speak, little girl” or “That position is for his family who have been supported from the beginning. Discretion”, the fans replied to Eugenia Suárez.
  • There is no doubt that he has not entered David’s closest circle on the right foot. We will see if the situation ends up turning around for the good of all parties.

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