David Bisbal does not learn: is his new girlfriend another fan?

David Bisbal was looking forward to sharing his life with another woman. His dream could have come true, according to the Argentine media, which ensures that he could have a new girlfriend.

On his way through Argentina, it became clear that the man from Almeria is sweeping Latin America. And never better said, because it seems that while he has started his promotion and concert tour in several countries, his heart could have started beating for a girl. It is not yet known if this is another new rumor or if Bisbal finally has a new love.

She is a beautiful Argentine actress and model. This is Eugenia Suárez, popularly known as ‘China’ Suárez. The Argentine press assures that, at the beginning of this month of April, Eugenia attended one of the artist’s concerts, where she was able to be in one of the VIP backstage areas and she could be seen very excited with the songs of the Almerian artist, something that he reflected on his Twitter.

Eugenia Suárez, another fan excited to meet David Bisbal

  • The last relations of the man from Almería have been more public than private, which has prevented him from having that stability and discretion that he asks for as a requirement. For this reason, Bisbal has confessed that he is looking forward to finding his new love from him.
  • This young model already has a daughter from her previous relationship. This could draw the attention of David Bisbal, father of little Ella, the daughter she had with Elena Tablada. A romance that did not go well, like her stormy courtship with Raquel Jiménez, with whom her love did not last more than a year and a half.
  • Eugenia, only 21 years old, is a young actress who has participated in numerous Argentine television series, and has even dared to enter the world of songs as part of the Teen Angels band. If the news is confirmed, this love would be related to Elena Tablada, since she was also a fan of the singer.
  • Everything indicates that this girl could have set her eyes on the singer from Almeria who, after what has been seen, makes more than one fall in love, as the song from ‘Ten thousand ways’ would say.

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