Laura Pausini celebrates 20 years of successful musical career in Mexico

There are people who are born with talent and stars, and who illuminate where they go… one of them is, without a doubt: The Italian Laura Pausini, who with her charisma and vocal power is conquering Mexicans on her long tour of the country Azteca, where she jubilantly celebrates 20 years of professional career.

  • Sharing the limelight with Ricky Martín, Yuri and Julión Alvarez, also judges in the singing and interpretation contest ‘La Voz México’, the singer-songwriter seduces the audience every time she interprets a song, criticizes her students or shows her wise sense of humour.
  • In her most recent concert, held in Guadalajara, Jaliscp, the 41-year-old ragazza went public with more than 7,000 Guadalajara natives gathered at the Telmex Auditorium.
  • Something similar happened days before in San Luis Potosí… and in Monterrey… and in Puebla and… it seems that this will continue to happen on the many dates that have been signed throughout the national territory and the southern United States.
  • When the Italian diva takes the stage dressed in a charro suit and escorted by two Mexican and Italian flags, interpreting Juan Gabriel ‘s ‘Amor Eterno’ … the general applause is automatic.
  • “Good night, tapatíos. Long live Mexico!”, These are his first words to then give way to his celebration of his two decades of career: twenty years of success and a unique and unrepeatable voice.
  • Pausini  interprets his most recognized hits. She changes her outfit to an elegant black one and then to a red one that contrasts with her black hair, and delights with her new single ‘ Sino a ti ‘, which plays on the radio in a duet with the Mexican Thalía.
  • Then his song ‘Welcome’ is heard and the warmth increases in the place.
  • Accompanied by a 15-player orchestra, plus her band’s seven musicians and three backing vocalists, (as well as a giant, high-resolution screen and lots of robotic lights), Laura shows why she’s a monster on stage.
  • Later, he includes duets with his students from ‘La Voz México’, the members of the #TeamPausini: Kike and Emilio from Guadalajara.

Proud mother

  • “Since I have become a mother I feel more without fear, and since I have them by my side I feel more without loneliness, I know that I will never be truly alone again. I always think of something that makes me feel pampered that allows me to embrace my soul,” says Laura, who points out that all her songs come from personal anecdotes and that she wants to share them with the public.
  • Pausini gives way to his song ‘En cambio no’, dedicated to his grandmothers, and, minutes later, he includes a soft melody with lyrics in Italian, for his mother.
  • During the show, Laura does three more duets: one with Paulina, Claudia and Irineo; then with Gastón, all of them, members of the Pausini team from ‘La Voz México’ and, later, with the beautiful interpreter and composer from Guadalajara, Paty Cantú, who is also part of the vocal contest program that is having such success.
  • In the next few days, Pausini will return to Mexico City, where he will offer another concert, including, on this occasion, a long-awaited duet with the Veracruz singer and program partner: Yuri.

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