Harry Styles takes an example from Niall Horan: his most supportive side

As Niall Horan did with a cancer-stricken fan, Harry Styles has not hesitated to personally give all his encouragement to a One Direction follower who is seriously ill.

The Campbell Hoyt case is yet another sad case of a child with cancer. The little girl, only 8 years old, was diagnosed with the terrible disease a few weeks ago and since then her parents have not stopped until they have fulfilled the dream of her daughter, to meet a member of One Direction.

With the help of the band boy’s fans, Cam’s family managed to make TT #1D4CAM to reach out to the band members. And Harry Styles, who was the first to know the story, set out to make the girl’s dream come true.

At first he dedicated a tweet to him: ” Campbell Hoyt, I’m thinking of you and I send you all the love in the world. That’s a lot of love. H “, but his work did not end there and a few days ago he appeared at the home of Cam to see it personally.

Niall Horan, as Harry Styles, cheered up a sick fan

  • The blond from 1D has always distinguished himself for his good treatment of his fans and a few months ago he did not hesitate to visit Leah, a follower of only six years who was fighting cancer. He gave her all the strength she could to fight this horrible disease, but unfortunately Leah passed away.
  • The singer could not hide his sadness and proclaimed it on Twitter to the whole world: “RIP Leah, it was an honor to have met you! Very brave young lady! Thoughts are with Leah’s family at this time! ” .
  • I hope little Campbell has better luck.

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