This is Enrique Iglesias in love and sex

Enrique Iglesias returns to Spain to present his new album ‘Sex and Love’, with which he intends to revolutionize the dance floor. Delighted with the result of the album, he confesses that he is very happy since he has had the collaboration of many musicians.

  • The singer has assured in the ‘Anda Ya’ program that he considers himself an absolute fan of one of the most important Spanish singers in our country, India Martínez, “she is a love. I met her at the Grammys and I fell in love with her because she is a charm”. Enrique has become one of the most influential artists in our country and, on the verge of entering his 40s, he confesses ” I’m 38, there’s not much left but it’s going to hurt. My 30s and 40s already hurt, I don’t want to tell you I don’t look that old, but I also think about how time flies. I would have liked to enjoy some things more. When I started at 17, you tell me that I would have a 19-year career and I would have told you that it was impossible. I love what I do, I love it”.
  • Julio Iglesias’ son affirms that he would have liked to write songs by other artists such as ‘Eagles’ by Hotel California, ‘Within you without you’ or ‘Yesterday’, both by the Beatles. Likewise, he has confessed some things about himself: he always travels with a cap and a pillow and, for the most soccer fans, he assures that he is from Real Madrid.

Enrique Iglesias, lover of tranquility

  • The singer, despite being used to traveling, has a rule: ” no more than 15 days away from home. I have dogs, friends, a girlfriend who hits me if I don’t get home…”. Very amusing, he assures that he always sleeps in a T-shirt and underpants, “it scares me naked because if there’s a fire and I have to run…”. After living in Miami for many years, he says that not everyone has a Ferrari, not all the girls are in roller skates and bikinis, and not all the men are tanned and hunky.
  • He considers himself a quiet boy “I don’t go out much, I like to be quiet at home with my dogs, go out on my boat or go to the studio to write songs.” This is how the music star said goodbye to the radio studios, where he has been wearing sunglasses throughout the interview.

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