Malú, the perfect company

Kaiku Caffè Latte has carried out a survey of a group of men and women in which they were asked about the best company to drink coffee, and Malú has been chosen by them.

While Pilar Rubio is the number 1 choice for them, they go beyond the physical and stay with the bottom of the person, so the chosen one was Malú.

Two very different celebrities are fighting for second place, and the fact is that the Latin exoticism of Jennifer López that boys dream of has little to do with the irreplaceable character of Alaska, who would be chosen by the girls. Finally, Shakira for them and Paula Echevarría for them would be the other ideal companions for an after-dinner meal with coffee.

Casillas, their favorite and Pablo Alborán, theirs

  • Although, for the first time, the eternal goalkeeper of Real Madrid does not appear on the 2014 list of the most loved and valued public figures, the unconditional admirers of Iker Casillas would choose him without hesitation as a companion to their coffee; perhaps, this time, to discuss differences.
  • Sport and humor are the criteria that the Spaniards have taken most into account when choosing the character with whom they would share a moment of confidences and talk. Thus, Pablo Motos, the gorgeous Pilar Rubio, Leo Messi and Rafa Nadal complete the top 5 well-known characters that Spanish men would choose to have a coffee.
  • The female sample of the survey carried out by Kaiku Caffè Latte is clear that, to accompany a coffee, the tone of voice matters. So much so that Pablo Alborán, Sergio Dalma and David Bustamante sneak into the 5 characters preferred by Spanish women to share a coffee.
  • They also opt for actors made in Spain: Mario Casas and Miguel Angel Silvestre are other faces preferred by Spanish women to sit in front of them with a coffee in between. Dark-haired and smiling: this is how the characters chosen by the girls are.

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