10 Reasons to Identify with Queen Beyoncé

With Beyoncé it doesn’t happen like with other celebrities, whose fame we envy as if by magic, who seem to have had it all from the cradle, and whose profession we don’t exactly know in Olympus. But not with Beyoncé. The Single Ladies singer has earned the title of queen of her, and that’s why we identify with her and she inspires us for at least 10 reasons.

10 reasons to be inspired by Beyoncé every day 

  1. I work hard. That Beyoncé is the true queen is not because she is divine -that she is too-, but because she has earned it. She has an innate talent, which is her voice, and she also dances hers. However, her hard work to manage to maintain the impossible voice tones, and the daily discipline for the dances make her an example.
  2. Physique with training. Few bodies are as toned – and probably as hard – as Beyoncé’s. She is not only attractive because of her measurements, but because she works daily and very hard on her anatomy to have more flexibility, resistance and a body to be proud of. Nobody gives her anything of hers, only her capacity for effort and sacrifice.
  3. She herself starred in a campaign in favor of female leadership, where she clearly said: ‘I’m not bossy, I’m the boss’. The figure of Beyoncé as head of her squad, managing both her social networks, as well as the management and production of her songs, records, concerts and her finances, makes her a self-sufficient figure to be inspired by.
  4. Family, first. His parents, his sister, his daughter. Beyoncé is a family woman, who loves spending time with her loved ones, and whom she pays homage to whenever she gets the chance. Once she’s patched up her issues with her father, she’s not shy about showing maternal adoration of her, promoting Solange’s musical work, or gushing about her daughter De Ella Blue Ivy.
  5. Zero controversies. Beyoncé’s existence probably won’t be perfect, but just in case someone wants to dig, just in case she doesn’t make a statement. Her photos of her on Instagram of her have no caption, she doesn’t share her thoughts in interviews and hardly ever opens her mouth if she isn’t singing. A lot can be said through a song.
  6. Ordinary husband. If we ignore that Jay Z is a rap icon and probably one of the richest people in the star system, he is a humble and normal person who shares his life with the diva. His love story is like anyone else’s and it is already known that there is a theory that explains the physique of both.
  7. Female empowerment. She briskly manages her career and everything she has to do with herself. She does not give explanations, she works hard so that the results of her work are seen, she dresses as she wants and inspires women around the world every day.
  8. Triumph and success. Beyoncé is undoubtedly a feminist and millennial icon of our time. Her triumphs and her successes are professional, but they also translate into a fulfilling personal life. We identify with Beyoncé because of the empowerment she exudes from her and because the results of her hard work translate into numbers.
  9. Beyoncé turns to her followers, the people responsible for her rise as a star. Although her talent and her hard work should be enough to keep her on her throne forever, she always takes it upon herself to make her fans see that her merit is also part of her success. Being grateful is something that should be learned.
  10. Yes, it may be the most frivolous part of this decalogue, but if we identify ourselves and have Beyoncé as an example, it is because of her collection of wigs, because of her great hair, despite the wind, the cold, the inclement weather and even the fans. assassins. If we adore you, Queen B.

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