One Direction: Louis Tomlinson, is he confessed to being gay?

One Direction, one of the groups of the moment, does not stop being news. Its members have millions of fans, and that shows, not only because of the affection they show them, but also because they keep the rest of the world informed of their comings and goings.

The band has already started their world tour “On The Road Again Tour” with which they have landed first in Oceania, but they still have a long way to go.

Asia, Europe, Africa and North America will host the English sensation. Although Spain doesn’t have a stop yet, we’ll see if the pressure from the directioners makes the band decide to land in our country.

One Direction fans everywhere

  • A fan of the quintessential English boy band has revolutionized social networks with a video in which Louis Tomlinson, a member of the group, claimed to be gay and called this fact “quite unfortunate.” The reactions to this have not been long in coming, shows of support, confrontations as to whether or not it is true, comments are not lacking.
  • On the other hand, Niall Horan seems to have found love in a young woman named Melissa.  A follower of the group claims to have seen them cuddling in a cafe. The young man would have taken out the harmonica, his faithful companion, to liven up the evening. This guy is such a romantic!
  • But it’s not all happiness for Horan, his Australian fans are somewhat angry with him, and the fact is that the singer did not stop to greet and sign autographs upon his arrival at the airport, the followers launched a series of expletives at him showing their discontent.

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