Pablo Alborán, proud to be a romantic

Pablo Alborán has shown himself to be more natural and sincere than ever in the last interview he gave to the Argentine magazine ‘Para Ti’. The most tender singer of recent years, responsible for songs like ‘Only you’ or ‘Tanto’, has made a declaration of intent by defending love as something fundamental in life.

” Romanticism is heavily punished, it is continually associated with something negative, pink and cheesy that makes us ashamed and is relegated only to intimacy, when in reality it is one of the most important issues in life,” he says.

Pablo Alborán, his privacy and his insecure character

  • Love is essential in Pablo Alborán’s songs, but we don’t know if he shares his day to day with someone or not, as he prefers to preserve his privacy. “If I were, I wouldn’t tell you (he laughs). Because it’s the only part of my life that I still have left for me, just like my family. I prefer to protect it, I don’t like to expose it to the whole world”, he affirms.
  • A discreet and educated boy and, as he himself confessed in said interview, also very insecure. For this reason, he surrounds himself with people who support him and give him self-confidence: “it was very important that there was a team that trusted me, their conviction is necessary because I am tremendously insecure. I think that is exactly what has made me be so strict.”
  • Perhaps the secret of his fame lies in his rigor when it comes to composing and working, his simplicity, his songs or his smile. Or it may be the result of the coincidence of all these qualities in the same person. A mystery that remains up in the air, but the truth is that Pablo Alborán turns everything he touches into gold.

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