The hottest photos of Rihanna that Instagram doesn’t want you to see

my mom! It is the first thing that can be said when seeing the photo session carried out by Liu magazine, photographer Mario Sorrenti and Rihanna. One can only surrender to the immeasurable artistic work that they have achieved with the singer.

The one from Barbados appears most suggestive and spectacular in some photographs where everything is art. Her nudes and her topless appear camouflaged by the quality achieved in the session. A sample of the ebony beauty, one of those who make history and one can see without the scars of the dreaded bikini squeaking.

But the great work they have done does not exempt her from guilt and that is, after winning the award for Best Artist of the Year in the last edition of the I Heart Radio Music Awards, Rihanna has been involved in a controversy over these photos, since He wanted to share them with his followers on social networks.

Rihanna, censored on Instagram

  • The conditions of use of the social photo network prevented him from keeping the photos online for a long time. Rihanna’s nude on the cover of Luis magazine raised controversy. And it is that, although on Twitter he had no problem sharing the controversial photographs, when it was the turn of Instagram he had a more difficult time.
  • Popularity does not exempt her from everything, and it is that after publishing the photos in which her right breast appears naked showing her piercing, she received a message warning her that if she did not stop posting nudes, her door would be closed. account, according to information from TMZ.
  • “This will be my next magazine cover if it were on Instagram”, can be read on a poster that the singer published on her Instagram profile.

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